• Masha Zvereva

6 delightful takeaways from becoming that weird plant person

2021 saw my dynamic transition from a person who has killed plants and was worried to repeat that mistake - into a proper plant person. The type that spends all of her free time learning about types of soil, pots, etc. + researching new plants to buy. I'm committed to turning our place into a jungle.

It escalated quickly, to say the least. And while there's an infinite amount of information and techniques to learn, I'm really enjoying the benefits of this transition. Here are a few observations on this:

1. Plants are great for mental health

I'm sure there are studies about this - there's something about that green colour in our living spaces that makes us happy. We are drawn to it and it helps us feel more present, closer to nature.

At least that's how I feel. These green babies relax me and help me feel more in the moment. I purposefully schedule breaks when I go around the house seeing how everyone is doing!

2. Plants give you something to look forward to

Because someone is always putting out a new leaf or trying to bloom. Oh and don't get me started on propagation projects - those bring me so much joy and excitement! I honestly wish nurseries would offer cuttings as well as the plants because it's so much more satisfying to grow something from a cutting.

I think this phenomenon was what got me started on this journey - one day I was in a defeated mood, journaling about how I had nothing to look forward to with Covid and the lack of travelling/social interaction. So I thought about planting my first propagated cuttings, which were ready at that time, and got excited about that. Honestly, that's how the whole plant thing started, now I have so much to look forward to every morning!

3. Your interior design will thank you

The moment you add plants, it elevates any interior. And it doesn't have to be a jungle - the aesthetic I'm going for, personally. It can be subtle: sprinkling plants strategically. That's all I have for this point because it's kind of self-explanatory!

4. There's so much to learn

And that's so exciting! From care conditions, varieties of species, cultivation techniques, soils, pots, etc. And there's an abundance of information because the moment you get in the weeds of things (pun not intended, but I'll leave it here), you will find a global community of people passionate about their plants.

Everyone is on a continuous learning journey here because there are so many variables to play around with. And I'm nerdy like that, so I'm excited to experiment!

5. You can do this even if you've killed plants before

If that's you... I feel you! I used to be a plant person when I was 7-9 and then lost touch with this art for a couple of decades. But when my now mother in law gave us 3 African Violets in 2017, I thought it would all come back to me straight away. Well, guess what? I successfully killed them in 2-3 months. They rotted inside and it was the saddest thing I've ever experienced. I thought I was scarred for life.

Turns out you can bounce back from your plant-killer past. In fact, plant people also kill plants along their plant exploration journey - but they don't give up on trying. So no, you're not a plant killer and if you really want to become a plant person, you can. If I could then so can you, trust me!

6. It's so easy to get carried away

The moment you see the types of variegation (those marbled details on leaves) out there, you might just get addicted. There are so many incredible rare plants out there, it's ridiculous. I'll leave some Instagram links below for both of us to drool over.

My wishlist keeps growing every day. I think it's healthy (I'm practicing self-control when it comes to actually buying things) and I'm also trying to propagate as much as I can - but our place is on its way to becoming a jungle. The fact that my husband loves plants too is going to speed up that process ;)

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